Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random musings.........

*If I have a hot flash during yoga, does it count as "hot yoga"?
*Why aren't there coupons for liquor stores? (I'd clip those!)
*If you're clipping your toenails and one of them errantly flies over to your husband's side of the bed, are you required to search for it?
*How many mini Milky Way candy bars equal one big one?

These are some of the thoughts I had today (so now you know I clipped my toenails and ate too many Milky Ways!).

After getting two disturbing emails from my sisters, I now feel I have to tread very carefully the next few days. Because bad things happen in threes. And they have already been hit! Monica wrecked her 4-wheeler and tore her ACL and has to have surgery. Marcia did a face plant (literally, her face hit a plant) falling on her front porch and cut her cheek badly. So, now it's me! Yikes. I'm scared.

Today I worked at the school (on my "day off" my nanny job) and it was nice to be back at the old digs, speaking Spanish again. I'm glad I get to keep that up while I enjoy my wonderful new job. I never thought I'd view taking care of a toddler as peaceful but it is definitely my "quiet" time! HA! With four kids (and two of them teenagers) at home, it's really loud. All the time. So, a quiet day with a toddler is a welcome reprieve.


MAMMA said...

No, No, No!! YOU started it with chomper, so technically you are the beginning of t he chain, not the end :-)
Love, M2

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, you have an accident prone brother in that equation as well!!