Friday, December 26, 2008

Bad Dog, Shade (and Charlie and Georgette!)

Last night we made a very long trek to the airport and back and while we were there, we realized that we'd left chocolate out on the coffee table at home. While Shade was hooked up to his lead (we have to keep him "chained" to the couch leg when we can't be watching him like a hawk or he will eat everything in sight), the other two dogs were "loose" and sure enough, when we returned home, there was a lot of wrapper litter and no chocolate! Now, Shade was definitely NOT the main culprit in this fiasco, but he managed to "convince" the other dogs to bring chocolate his way, as many of the wrappers were within his reach. This morning I discovered a small spot of "evidence" complete with Hershey Kisses wrappers (courtesy of Georgette, as the other two dogs spent the night in the kennel). The part that really makes me mad is that it was MY chocolate, from my stocking and it was GOOD chocolate (not your typical Hershey bar stuff). I really hope those dogs enjoyed getting their daily dose of antioxidants in that dark chocolate. And I hope they have the stomach aches to go with it! Stupid dogs.

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