Sunday, January 18, 2009

All About Hannah

Hannah is jealous because she doesn't think she's getting enough press on my blog! So, here is a post dedicated just to Hannah! Hmmm......let's see, what's going on in Hannah's life that I can tell you about? She's bringing her grades up, so we now have great hope that her future career aspirations might involve more than flipping burgers or cleaning houses. Wait, she hates to clean, so scratch that. We are very proud of her efforts, however, and encourage her to do her best all the time. In other news, Hannah is going to audition for the school talent show (forcefully she says, and I tend to agree, but hey, can you blame me for wanting her to follow through on something and show off her God-given talent?). She plans to sing "I Need You" by LeAnn Rimes. She's also performing "Simple Gifts" at the Solo and Ensemble Festival on Jan. 31. An adjucator will listen to her and "grade" her performance, offering tips for improvement. She still enjoys art class and has brought home many wonderful works of art! She is very random and certainly marches to her own drum! She has a lot of friends. A highlight of last week was an assembly at school (two hours) that covered such topics as relationships and abstinence. She thinks it was slightly awkward because her best "guy" friend was sitting next to her the whole time! She is a total Narnia fan, to the point of obsession. She would like to marry William Moseley! (She says, "he's like 21, mama!"). She just got a fabulous haircut and makes everyone jealous with her thick, naturally wavy hair that looks like it came out of a magazine photo shoot! (She says "at least when it's brushed!"). She claims she can communicate with Georgie, our black Lab ("because she loves me best" - actually that is wrong, she loves ME best!). She plays the piano every day, even though it's the same three songs every time! She teaches herself to play and is quite adept at it. She also loves her DS and her Brain Age is 38. Even though she's only 13. And the best possible score is 20. I don't get it. Here is a selection of fabulous photos for your enjoyment!

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