Monday, January 5, 2009

Delayed start......but they're going back!

Well, the kids are going back today (much to their chagrin!). I just woke Hannah up and said "time to get up" to which she replied "why?" to which I replied "because it's a school day" to which she replied (rather wearily) "oh, I thought school was canceled!" No such luck today. The older kids start an hour late and the younger kids an hour and a half. Which means that by 10 p.m. I'll finally be able to get some things done! Like clean up the house and watch it stay clean for approximately four hours until kids start arriving home to destroy it once again. Sigh.

Jeff took off for work early this morning with Hayley in tow. He's making her drive to school in the snow! Scary. She has one more driver's ed class to take to (hopefully) pass and get her certificate and then it's a lot of practice driving until she's 16 next July and can get her license. She needs it! She's a panicky, argumentative driver (although I'm sure not with her driver's ed instructors, just with us!). I've decided it's best to have Jeff and Doug teach her to drive. I'll practice on a smaller scale, but she makes me nervous to drive on the open road. Hopefully with a LOT of practice she will become a confident driver. I just sometimes wonder if she realizes the gravity of making a mistake while driving. Despite the accident she was involved in, she doesn't seem to realize how much worse it could have been. I guess that's why so many teenage drivers have serious accidents. I don't think they fully realize the consequences of being in charge of a vehicle weighing over a ton and the damage it could do to both other cars and people!

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