Saturday, January 31, 2009

Insult back-up!

While Jeff is away, he must have put Harrison in charge of insulting me. He's doing a pretty good job of it. Yesterday he was giving me a "back massage". While he karate-chopped his way down my back, he said "time for the glutes" and proceeded to karate-chop my butt. He stopped and said "Wow! Your butt really jiggles! It's like a bouncy house!" Then he suggested I put a sign on my butt that said "Caution! Oversize load! Do Not Pass!"

Today I was having trouble clasping my necklace. Harrison said "Oh, you should get this thing I saw on TV. It's magnetic and it helps old people put their jewelry on!" Nice. Love that boy!

1 comment:

Sydney said...

HAHA! Ok, the old people jewelery thing is hilarious!!!