Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wii Had Fun on New Year's Eve!

Me celebrating my strike!!

For New Year's eve, we had dinner here (Chinese) with our good friends Jason, Amy and Abbie and Carla and Mike (all neighbors). After dinner we went to Amy and Jason's house to play their new Wii. I had never played before (nor had Carla) while Jeff had played only once before and my kids have played at their dad's house. It was SO much fun! First we did bowling, then tennis and then some shooting game (where I beat Jeff! HA! I KNEW I could beat him at shooting!). I actually got a couple of strikes in bowling, which made me feel pretty good considering that in REAL life I once bowled a 32. Yes, that was my score for the entire game! (In case you were wondering if I became suddenly ill and had to leave the game early, no, that was the score for TEN frames). I loved playing the Wii because I have never been any good at video games, but this was one I could actually play (and not die in two seconds). Oh, and then we played boxing and that was hysterical! Jeff laughed so hard at me boxing and Carla loved it so much she almost boxed the TV! By the time the boxing round was over, I was sweating and my heart rate was definitely elevated. Now I want a Wii of my own!

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