Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Disgusting Thought for the Day

I read online yesterday that every pair of worn underwear contains something like 1/10th of a gram of "fecal matter". The take away message was to wash your hands after pawing through your dirty laundry (presumably to wear something dirty, which something like 75% of people admitted doing). I'm thinking with all the laundry I paw through every day doing the wash, it's amazing I don't come away from the whites pile holding a healthy turd in my hands! (1/10th times HOW many pairs of underwear?) The bottom line is that doing the laundry is dirty work (quite literally) and it's a thankless job. Message to my family: you should be kissing my feet every day for handling your many grams of fecal matter without complaint. (Except that I'm sort of complaining now, right? Well, too damn bad!) Just a little something to gross you out and disgust you today!


Sydney said...

Seriously. This is the grossest thing I've read all day (though the day is still young). Makes me want to pawn off laundry duties even more now! Yuck!

Mimi/Papa said...

Unfortunately, I started ready this just as I was eating my salad - late lunch...maybe I'll save it for later this evening! Gagging here...GROSSSSS