Sunday, September 20, 2009

Old School

Never fall asleep before the rest of the crowd!

Not sure why he pulled up his shirt so his belly was exposed, but it really adds to the look dontcha think?

Jeff in his "man cave".......

Marie chomping on the bread!



Jeff pretending to play the guitar while singing karaoke......

Marie Parker, me, Kerri Williams

Well, through the wonders of Facebook, I reconnected with many friends from high school. The funny thing is, I barely remember most of these people, since I only attended that school my senior year and of course, as I've gotten older, I can barely remember what I had for breakfast anyway. But I have added them all as friends, because, why not? We all graduated together. Well, it's been fun to catch up and just see how nice many of them turned out. I found out one friend, Marie, has been living in Kirkland, just 15 minutes from my house! And another friend, Kerri, lives in Coeur d' Alene, not far from my sister, Monica. So, we decided to meet up and what better reason for Jeff to make a beer? We decided on a weekend and this was it. Kerri and her boyfriend Larry arrived in Seattle on Saturday (while Jeff and I slept away the early morning triathlon wake up call) and saw the sights. They arrived for dinner around 5:30 and Marie arrived around 6. Jeff made an awesome dinner of this delicious pasta dish he created, bread and salad. We sat around the table all evening, reminiscing, talking and just having a good time getting to know one another (in HS, as it turns out, we didn't really know each other - in fact, Kerri left the school halfway through jr. year, so she and I never actually went to school together!). Jeff invited over his friend from work, Jeffrey, and the two of them pretty much had their own drunken party in the family room, drinking untold amounts of beer and singing karaoke! The rest of us sat in the dining room and drank untold amounts of beer (except me, I had my two "sex on the beach" drinks and that was it! Didn't even taste "my" beer!). Anyway, Jeff ended up crashing on the black recliner that resides in our redneck garage right next to the beer fridge (oh wow, writing that makes it sound even more redneck!) and Kerri and Larry headed up to bed. I, being somewhat disgusted with Jeff and his lack of socializing with us, couple with his excessive beer intake, stayed behind to take some embarrassing photos of him, and then, in a flash of mean streak, decided to graffiti his face with a lipstick. Which is why you should never, never pass out before the rest of the party guests! Anyway, it was a good time.

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Mimi/Papa said...

OK...this is a good blog...I'm still laughing and your dad is coming in to see the pictures before he goes to bed! Did Jeff love all these nice pictures of himself?? I hope so...LOLOL good one, MO!