Thursday, May 5, 2011

How sweet it is!

I've been craving chocolate chip cookies with walnuts for days and tonight I finally had time to make some. Arlie didn't want walnuts in hers so I made a double batch, nuts and nut-free. I LOVE chocolate chip cookies (really, is there anyone who doesn't?) and don't make them often, but to me, they are the perfect dessert. Any combination of flour, butter and sugar is pretty much highest on my list of foods I love. Which is terrible, I know, because it's bad for you, makes you fat, blah, blah. If you asked me, do I have a sweet tooth, I'd have to answer  "sort of" because I'm not so addicted to sugar that I'll eat ANYTHING sweet. In fact, I'm pretty picky about my sweets. Here is a list of sweet things I hate: licorice, most hard candies, anything "gummy", straight sugar candy like pixie stix, anything "watermelon" flavored (Jolly Ranchers being tops on that list - eww!), any type of fruity dessert or pie, tiramisu, flan, or any other pretentious dessert that looks pretty but tastes like crap, and anything made of marzipan or fondant - pretty but totally disgusting to eat! Here's what I DO like - certain cookies, brownies, pastries, donuts, and some ice cream. SOME candy, like Reese's and Hershey bars are good, but I could take it or leave it. And here's a really weird (and kind of sad) fact: I cannot stop eating Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls! They are my absolute favorite junky sweet treat of all!

What's really disappointing is a sweet treat that LOOKS pretty but is actually quite crappy. Like pretty cakes with fondant decorations. They are amazing but mostly taste icky. Or those new Starbucks "mini" treats - cute but don't taste like much. There's just nothing more disappointing than biting into a beautiful sweet treat and having it taste gross. That's why homemade is really the best. I always envision making some type of cookies or bars or brownies every weekend and placing these lovingly baked treats in my kids' lunches every day. But  it never happens. Too busy, too tired, too whatever. Sometimes I "cheat" and make those cake mix cookies but they just don't quite cut it. And really, having homemade treats around the house all the time is total sabotage to my diet. (HAHA! That was a joke! Get it? My "diet"?)

Honestly if I have an addiction it's to really good sweet treats. I wouldn't say I'm addicted to "sugar" because I won't eat just any sugary treat. But a homemade chocolate chip cookie will make me happy anytime. And now I have several dozen on my counter, cooling off. Dangerous territory, I tell you........

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