Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spel it rite!

I'm in kind of a bad mood today, so maybe that's why my pet peeve, horrible spelling, is particularly bugging me tonight. But it's probably just reading the newsfeed on Facebook that makes me crazy. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE SPELL ANYMORE? Here is a friendly refresher:
1. You are not "board", you are "bored".
2. Your muscles are never "soar". They can sometimes be "sore".
3. You will never "ball" your eyes out. You may, perhaps, "bawl" them out, but that, of course, is an exaggeration.
4. You do not "still" someone's Facebook status. You "steal" it.
5. It's not "tomatoe" soup. It's "tomato" soup.
6. "Your" not the best. "You're" the best!
7. Facebook did not change "there" news feed again. However, "their" news feed did, indeed, change.
8. It is "definitely" not "definately".
9. "Supposed to" is actually two words, as opposed to the ever-popular "suppostu" or "supposto". Goodness.
10. You know what would be really "awesome"? If you'd never spell it "awsome" again!

Oh, and please stop putting hash tags on everything. #it'sreallyannoying and #noonethinksyou'reallthatclever and #itdoesnotmakeyousoundcooler.

The end.

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jeff said...

Spelling Natzi - I bet I just spelled that wrong - that's what spell check is for:)