Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things I don't have time for........

This morning I read an article in a magazine (full disclosure: I was on the potty. Like I have time to just lounge around and read magazines? Psh). This article was celebrating the trend of bright red, matte lipstick and suggested you exfoliate your lips before applying. One way you can do this is to lightly brush your lips with a dry toothbrush. What a great ide.........

What the F? Who has time to exfoliate their lips? Seriously? Who has time to even think about lipstick? Most days I'm lucky if I get a swipe of Wet 'n' Wild lip gloss on before work, and it rubs off by 10 a.m. anyway. I work in a kindergarten class, so wearing an "on trend" color is low on my priority list. But exfoliating before I apply lip color? HAHAHAHAHA!

Also, who has time to floss? I mean, really? I go through phases of flossing - like for a few weeks - I'm religious about it every night. And then, not so much. For a long time. I brush! I just don't floss much. Although I did buy a pack of those little handy individual flossers after an unfortunate incident with a poppy seed muffin. Flossing is more like an emergency than a habit.

You know how you lose a button or find a tiny hole in a favorite sweater? You just toss it in the "to sew" pile, which is just another name for "you'll never see/wear/fix that again in your lifetime!" I have children's clothing in my sewing basket that no longer fits my children. Hell, I don't even HAVE children. I have teenagers and young adults. If something loses a button or rips in this house, you can just kiss it goodbye.

Years ago I got really into scrapbooking. Which means I bought reams of fancy paper, piles of stickers and expensive markers that now collect dust in my room. I've weeded through my supplies numerous times getting rid of "what I don't need" and, as it turns out, I probably don't need ANY of it, because, seriously, WHEN will I have time to scrapbook? I know people who do it once a year in a Herculean marathon of creativity, and others who actually go out of town to work on their scrapbooks, with friends and wine and everything! Me? I force myself to walk past all the cute stickers and fancy papers because I spent way too many years buying stuff I haven't used and likely won't until my grandkids are grown. P.S. I don't have grandkids yet.

My entire wardrobe consists of clothing that is soft and cottony and nothing crisp or pleated or pressed in any way because then I'd have to actually IRON. Who does that anymore? If I can't throw it back in the dryer with a damp washcloth and have it come out relatively wrinkle-free, then I won't ever wear it. EVER. I have been known to have items of clothing in my closet for years that go unworn simply because I don't have the time or desire to iron.

My house is not a pigsty (usually) but it is definitely NOT spic and span. Who has time to do things like: wash walls, dust baseboards, paint ceilings, seal tile, clean grout, organize junk drawers, wash blinds, or clean carpets? Psh. Not me! And forget about anything outside the house. If I'm ever single, I will have to move to a condo with lawn care, because I don't do ANY outside chores. I guess I could learn to garden, but WHY?

Good thing I have time to blog! :)

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jeff said...

I like to garden and I make time for it too:)