Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Hannah

Today's Instagram picture post is all about my Hannah! She is such a beauty, and an old soul, and so talented and funny. She doesn't subscribe to all the drama, she's chill, and she's a really, really good kid. She recently played "mom" for me on a couple of trips out of town, and did a fabulous job, although I don't think she's ready to parent teens yet (haha!). She's sweet and kind and a friend to everyone. I love to hear her sing and play the piano. I love to hang out with her. I love her unique spirit. She's pretty awesome!

This picture was taken a couple of years ago - clearly in the car. We were probably on a road trip somewhere. I love taking road trips with Hannah. 

This picture was taken at the BlogHer convention that Hannah and I attended this summer. What a fun time, going on a trip with just the two of us, Plus, I love this picture! 

Hannah and her Papa (my dad) at Harrison's musical "Legally Blonde." Hannah is so devoted to her family!

Took this pic a few summers ago in the park. So dramatic! :)

Took this picture several years ago at Hannah's friend Elliott's going-away party (he was going to the Navy). I just LOVE Hannah's eyes in this one. So beautiful. 

Couple of years ago - we were out on a Hannah/mommy/Arlie date and got Starbucks. 

You can see me taking this one with my cell phone. It was Hannah's idea - so clever!

Snapped this one recently. Can't remember where - inside a restaurant? I loved the sunlight on her face. 

My little girl! She's always had the most gorgeous hair! 

Took this one less than a week ago at Olive Garden. Someone said we look alike in this one. :)

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