Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Crappy Suckiness of Adulthood

No, I did not make up that title. It comes from a direct quote. Hayley and I were driving in the car today and talking about being a kid and being "carefree". Hayley said "You are never carefree! From the time you're born, you're preparing for the crappy suckiness that is adulthood!" Now, I don't know, but that sounds a bit cynical to me. And perhaps a huge generalization? I mean, sure, adulthood has with it it's downside......the responsibility, the housework, the mortgage, the carpool, the drudgery of housework, the inevitable loss of freedoms, the lack of sleep.........wait, wasn't I going to say something here? Oh yeah, adulthood. Lest my 15-year-old in all her wordly wisdom think adulthood is all crappy suckiness, I'd like to point out some of the perks. For one thing, no more school! No teenage awkwardness. No bullies on the schoolbus. No immunization shots. No growing pains. Driving! Being able to sit in the bar when the restaurant wait line is an hour long! Voting! Choosing your own career! Owning your own house! And yes, having children. Which is truly one of the best parts about being an adult. Except when they turn into teenagers and know everything! And think being a grown up is crappy. Well, yeah! But it's kind of crappy being a kid, too. Everything comes with a price. But being able to see the bright side is what keeps us from being cynical. So, grow up already! It's not so bad here on the dark side!

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Sydney said...

Yeah, get yourself a Kaden! It makes feeling 40-at-23 worth it! Hehe.