Sunday, January 11, 2009


Why is everything so good so bad for you? I just hate eating healthy all the time. Honestly, I can't go a day without indulging in something that is probably bad for me in some way - too much fat, sugar, or chemicals or something! It's not that I don't like healthy food - I do. In fact, here is a list of healthy foods I like: salmon, whole wheat English muffins, avocados, tomatoes, oranges, apples, grapefruit, carrots, celery, lettuce, squash, green beans, corn, pork chops, chicken, grapes, nuts, oatmeal, peanut butter. And here is a list of foods that are not healthy that I like: Lucky Charms, Crunchberries, Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, Starbucks tall decaf mocha, cinnamon scone from Starbucks, toffee almond bars from Starbucks, chocolate covered cherries, cake with frosting, chocolate chip cookies, frosted sugar cookies, various kinds of chocolate, Bailey's, fruity drinks with alcohol, beer, and basically anything that involves flour, sugar, and butter. See my problem? Why don't we all just crave healthy foods? I start the day out right most of the time - I eat a bowl of Cheerios with a little bit of honey and milk. Then, it goes downhill from there. Lunch will be healthy, with maybe a little "sweet" thrown in for after. Then, I need a snack around 2 or 3, which often involves a stop at Starbucks. Then, dinner. And as if that's not enough, dessert beckons me. Sometimes I resist, or substitute something like a bowl of cereal (sugared, always!), but mostly I like dessert. And now that the new year is upon us, and we're changing our ways, I'm trying to eat healthier. But it doesn't take much to derail me. The stress of my husband not being offered a job, or a looming medical test, or really any little bump in the road can send me to baked goods in a flash! Emotional eating? Yeah, sure it is. But let me tell you, taking a walk or "calling a friend" is no substitute for a pastry and coffee at Starbucks (bonus points if it's WITH a friend). Somehow it just makes it all better. For a while. But I really am tired of being a size 16, when not too long ago, I was a comfortable 14 and even a 12 for a good long time. However, even at this size, I find myself happy with myself in a lot of ways. Sure, I'd like to be skinnier. Sure, I'd like to look better naked (who doesn't?). But it reminds me of something my Weight Watchers leader once said "Honey, there's a reason we wear clothes!" Not too many people look good naked. So, really, size or looking airbrushed when nude are not my goals. I'd like to tie my shoes without making a grunting noise. And be able to do a certain twist in yoga that eludes me (I'm convinced it's because of my tummy flab!). And stop having to scrutinize my tops to make sure I'm not showing too much "muffin top". Mostly, I'd just like to not outweigh my husband! Or maybe just be able to borrow his jeans. Sigh.


Mimi/Papa said...

I hate eating healthy, too, but at our age we'd better or we'll just die sooner! I have lost 15+/- pounds since getting sick before we too our trip. On the trip, I had to watch what I ate and really my appetite wasn't that great anyway, so watching what I ate wasn't such a big deal. The poundage off is great and I would like to continue to lose, but all those great chocolate bars we brought back with us are on the counter tempting me everyday...they are SO evil!! haha Love you! Mom

MAMMA said...

I am healthy, but overweight. So does that make me unhealthy by default? David has high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so I say that makes ME more healthy. My doctor warns me of the "dangers" of being overweight, but gives no real soloution to the problem (and its not like I haven't tried over the years) and Davids doctor just prescribes another pill, without so much as a mention of the "dangers". I think doctors have a natural predjudice of fat because there is no pill to prescribe and they really don
t make any money off of it (until there is a problem related to fat that they can prescribe a pill for) Its a conspiracy, I tell you! I don't eat sweets often, but mention a diet and the first thing I want is a cupcake. SIGH!!!!
Love, M2