Saturday, January 30, 2010

You want carbs with that?

Yesterday Arlie and I took Jeff out to lunch. It was a rare day off from school, the other kids were with their dad, and, even though Jeff works less than three miles away and I'm not even working right now, somehow we NEVER meet for lunch. So, we headed to Red Robin (Arlie's choice) and ordered up. Jeff, being the health-conscious, atheltic guy that he is, asked the waitress if he could have his burger "protein style", meaning they wrap it in this huge chunk of iceberg lettuce, and skip the bun. Jeff said "the bun is really just a delivery system - why not skip the carbs and save them for the fries?" I, being me, ordered my burger "normal style" and thought "and bring on the fries, too!" I mean, here's my philosophy - we almost NEVER eat out. So, if I'm eating out, I want to order something I'd never eat at home, and enjoy it while I have the chance. I mean, I was somewhat virtuous, I ordered a teriyaki chicken burger (skipped the beef), but still. I intended to enjoy my lunch!

Along comes a male waiter to deliver our food. Glancing at the platter of food, then at me, he says "burger, protein style?" and for a split second, considered that I had ordered the "no carb" option! Excuse me? I wanted to shout "Do I LOOK like a girl who doesn't eat carbs?" but instead I gestured politely to Jeff who received his lettuce-wrapped burger happily. I then waited until the waiter was out of earshot and said "oh, sure, just ASSUME the fat girl wants to skip the bun!" That's like the waitress saying "Diet Coke, hon?" when ordering your drink. Don't just assume I'm on a diet, even if I need to be! I'm paying good money to eat this food and I'm gonna enjoy it!

And I did enjoy it, but I was secretly hoping there was no mayonnaise sauce running down my chin while the waiter and his cohorts were laughing at me from the kitchen.......

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Sydney said...

In Abu Dhabi they ALWAYS said, "Diet?" After I'd ordered a "Coke or Pepsi". It drove me crazy! Way to start off the meal on the wrong foot. I'm totally with you. If I am going to pay to have someone else cook and bring me my food, it damn well better have carbs AND fat!