Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This isn't really a blog post..........

It's actually a really long Facebook status. Because I ran out of room. So. Here we go.

I am way too busy for a job. I've been working full time since last week (haha, all you full-timers, go ahead and laugh, but this is MY life and MY blog, so I'm gonna whine if I want to). The thing is, working is just one more chore I have to do. And so working all day just takes up too many hours of my time so that I fall way, way behind. I know, bummer huh? But I'm a tried and true part-timer. Four hours a day is about all I can muster and still stay on top of everything else. I haven't filled my son's prescription or called the college financial aid office because I simply haven't had time. Crazy, I know, but I work in a school and I don't get ANY breaks in which to make phone calls or do anything other than work all day. I do get a lunch but it's a "working lunch" where I'm meeting with the other teachers and assistants so I can't even skip out for an errand or phone call at all. So, blah, blah, that's my whine about working. Yes, I'll have a smile on my face when the paycheck comes. But honestly? I'd rather be a "stay at home" (hahahah) mom any day over working. There, I said it.

Also. The kids are in a performance tomorrow (and the next day and the next day) and tonight was the dress rehearsal. And those damn kids, they grew again, so of course we discover five minutes before we leave that their pants from last year don't fit, one only has tan jazz shoes (not black, as required), one has only brown shoes, and one needs a fitted, solid-colored t-shirt. And, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, I do not have time to purchase these items before tomorrow. oldest (thank GOD she can drive and hasn't left for college yet and doesn't have to work till 11 tomorrow) is going to purchase the t-shirt and some black spray paint for the jazz shoes. The brown shoes will just have to do. But, if you wanted to be my good fairy tomorrow and magically bring me a pair of size 4 black jazz shoes, a pair of size 11 black tennis shoes, and a size small solid-colored t-shirt by tomorrow morning and leave it all on my doorstep, I'd be eternally grateful.

Additionally......tomorrow night is THE BIG PARTY. This party is being thrown by my husband's company to celebrate FDA approval of a new drug. That cures cancer. Yeah, pretty big stuff. So, they rented out the entire Showbox theatre and two super-secret bands will be playing but they're not saying who. Jeff is rooting for Pearl Jam. Who knows? Our "ticket" to this event is a rubber bracelet (think "Livestrong") with the name of the company and the drug imprinted on it. We cannot lose this "ticket" or no big super-secret band party for us. So, I've been wearing mine for two days since Jeff gave it to me. Stylish. Speaking of stylish, the dress is "concert/party" attire. Well, now. If I were going to concert, I'd likely wear a t-shirt and jeans. If I were going to a party I might wear a dress. Dilemma. So, I went shopping. Now, where do you buy an outfit that's a cross between jeans and a dress for a girl like me (read: not skinny). Why, Lane Bryant of course. And it's cute - black pants, cute tank and sweater combo in a lovely shade of deep turquoise - but I'm still not sure if it's the right thing. I mean, what if people are wearing cocktail dresses? What if jeans and concert t's are the order of the day? I HATE THIS. I wish they would have sent out suggestions (complete with photos and links to ordering) of outfits to wear. I'm still debating, too, because I have this other cute top.....oh well, I got some shiny new shoes (under ten bucks at Ross, but still). So, tomorrow, the minute I get off work, I have to dash home to get dolled up for this soiree and, you know, put on the "this is my wife, isn't she cute?" outfit. Sigh. At least I'm funny.......I am funny, right?

Then, after staying up half the night at this fabulous party, I have to get up and go to work again! Groan! And I have to work all day! Augh! And then, if that's not horrible enough, there's a performance Friday night. And likely a restaurant outing afterwards. And a football game where daughter #3 is cheering at 8 a.m. the next day. And then a matinee performance. And then another evening performance. And Sunday......oh, blessed Sunday, day of rest and relaxation! But guess what? Monday I have to get up and work again! And I haven't been to yoga or seen my friends in AGES. Yep, this working thing is for the birds. I wonder if I could win the lottery? Or serve nothing but oatmeal to my family? Surely there's a way out of this Hell.........

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jeff said...

Have you thought about what you want to do when the kids grow up:)